The great tragedy of the heavens

The great tragedy of modern religion is the formation of an ideology that lampoons the human spirit. So that it’s wellspring of immutable principle is ashamed and victimized, where love and honesty are vacuous mysteries battling a looming devil, so that minds are forever castrated into a tethered torment.  If they had not turned a revelation into a tyrannical ideology I would have no qualms.  But the world and its thorns prick against my soul to the brink of offence.  Because there are men who hide under the guise of a divine mandate to be serfs under a superpower, they and their authorities have effectively rendered our invisible selves godless,  for we who have known the writs of men have refused to bow the head as an ideological slave,  but erect ourselves as the principle of morality.  Wherefore have we the humanists wrought our humanity?  When we rebel against their man made God?  They scratch their heads but they remain confounded.  For if the heavens are lampooned,  I would bet that the people,  having been born of heaven, a heaven written in their hearts than in their minds,  would rewrite the heavens with their love and steal hellfire with their compassion. But what stands in the way are the gatekeepers themselves. They have made the heavens a comedy. They claim we are all far from God while they pray mightily under his messengers.  But a man who speaks and does not know often claims more of what he knows, because he does not reign in his own immortal life as a spirit. He is still carnal,  and they remain carnal because their conscience has been made of their own lies. 

Non pareil?

I’m trying to figure out my profession

What would I major in?

LOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOL to be honest. A lot of this require A LOT OF WORK…. I had think twice about majoring…

on the other hand.. i should stop trying to figure it out… since life is journey


I have cut my boats. And its filming ti

Alright. So. I have officially chosen, without hesitation, ever since I crossed out every course on the list in Swinburne University of Technology, to do film and television. Sure, I went to the info session and gungho went for screen and media. Fortunately, upon an honest reevaluation at home I came to the same conclusion I would have chosen at the session. Viola!

So, I have no choice now but to take a leap of faith. Its film and television for this blog as well. But as I now think of it. Maybe I can make this blog a success blog sort of thing. Maybe its gonna be about film, fitness and health, and motivation. Could be? But for now. I think its best to schedule some video productions for Youtube. Youtube is something that I wanted to try to do on a consistent basis for a long time. It’s just that I have been procrastinating for a way long time. I think it is time to change that. I’m gonna use this blog to set myself promises that I am going to have to keep to. But also to entertain you guys with the latest movies

Alright guys.. time for better action

Alright guys. So I got a confession to make. It wasn’t all that dandy and I have been losing my mojo. Like hilariously big time guys. I know whether you my friend or acquiantance and you know, you were like can’t get with your homie shit like that. Well, it’s time we take this to the big screens ya’ll. And times out the door man! Times out the door.

Swinburne is really great. I mean all praise to the LORD and deity of SUT. Sexy as a Tutsi. Just the other day they actually granted me access to do another course. And I know you occasionally meet the ill-panned Thai plan girl who changed courses like everytime until she found her passion – smoking mushrooms.

I ain’t no Disney’s child, but I crossed out engineering like IMMEDIATELY. Only because there’s one thing worse than being rich – BORING. And don’t get me started about the Singaporeans. No offense – since Singapore friends are non-existent in my life. TGIF. I was damn grateful for the generosity/ marketability of Swinburne to host another info session (which I was lucky to know about through the radio) that Tuesday. That was also the day I had my interview, which, funnily enough, made me realized that maybe I had to think twice about where I was headed for my career.

BUT, unfortunately, I forgot to evaluate the different courses so that I could rationally select which one it was I wanted to do. Cause I have been through this SHIT before thousands of times – yet I don’t know what to do with myself. URGH! Sometimes I wish I was like another non-picky Asian. Live a normal life. 9-5. Don’t tow the high road. But hey, I don’t think I’m that type of person.

Anyway, I am definitely NOT going back to another info session again. I just made a list of all the courses in Swinburne from looking at their website. To be honest, marketing and web design seems quite relevant a career to pursue nowadays. But I’m gonna stick to the script.

Long story short. I literally crossed out every freaking thing on the list except for film and television. Partly because, I CEEBS going back to another info session. And partly because, my guts told me to get rid of all of that – there’s no time in life :(. The last two was design OR Film and TV. Personally, I am so RELUCTANT to bloody go back and change it to design. But I know for sure design wont be that much interesting than getting to make my own Films.

All in all. I think I would have came to the same conclusion to do Film and TV. And I also think the gods had my back on this. As they say, some people have faith. Don’t see why not? Call me stupid? But nah, I believe in fate. And really, it’s the best 5 minute rational evaluation I had. Still came to the same conclusion – film and tv. No need to go back. Same thing. Moving on.