More discoveries about my audiences #fbInsights


So… I posted something about fake Photoshopping of celebrities it garnered almost NO LIKES. And I tell you why, nobody cares! I know better. The girls don’t want whats NSFSG – Not Safe For Shallow Gossip. They KNOW the next man’s got a thing or two to say about their mates who rant on about the insecure colleague who’s got a thing for All About that Bass.

But, sentimental professional stuff that merges #WomenInFilm with industry professionals. That’s top stuff. As you can see from the data its a 80 to 5 ratio for my engagement stats, after only 1 browsing night (they usually browse from 9-10pm after work hours).  This garnered 2 likes and 1 comment. It isn’t that bad.

#Conclusion: More women in film please. And screw all that psychological stuff.


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