The Lies of Leroux © 1910 Erik of Normandy

For the full enjoyment of this poem, some background research is required for appreciating the depth of its truth. It has never been proven that the Phantom of the Opera existed as a real person, except for the manuscripts of this poem. The conjectures of the real Erik can be found in this website:

Phantom of the Opera – Fact or Fiction?

From the poem – Erik tries to expound on the truth behind the “fictions” of Leroux. Knowing that Leroux was in fact an investigative journalist who only later made the Le Fantôme de l’Opéra (1910) into a novel much later, you be the judge.

Liketh to asymmetry, the walls of the Garnier

sing of a testament on my visage,

Hence quivers down my spine, as I bask in its magnificence!

Who are the world and its judgments on my appearances,

that if not I that grace’d these walls with masks of picturesque mode,

to plaster a broken image of a fractured Shah?

What Fictions of the late Gaston Leroux would they make of me?

The world and its hideous face,

a Femmes du cirque* who sings her Berceuses* so to lull thee to sleep,

(*Femmes du cirque = Female of the circus)

(*Berceuses = Lullabies)

who weeps of false nuns and in thee keeps a closed companion,

And while anon exchangeth wit and art for a golden chain,

Nay even the writ of lyric would feign steal her heart

without the captives of the waking eye!

I shouteth down the underbellies of the Boîtes d’opéra,

(*Boîtes d’opéra = Opera Boxes)

sending a hallowed message heard as a hollow mandate.

Even if Angels fell out my breath,

they would pin a Ghost on a scarred crows head,

to justify the fears of the next man’s Demon.

Even if my conscience is o’er the writhing sea,

their sticks and stones would break the lea.


All writings in the above mentioned are the sole creation of Isaac K Low. The depictions of its non-fictional authenticity are designed for literary purposes and should not be taken as academic fact.

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