A study of Piltover: The birthplace of Zaun

Some of my comrades in arms have pleasantly inquired on the origins of innovation. I myself have to admit, that it is in a very true sense that Zaun is the poster child of the birthplace of hextech crafting. The ancient days of Piltover was in the words of Master Ryze, a “spillage prophecy”. The system was the spawn of the birthplace of artisans, one of whom even the late and great Cecil B. Heimerdinger was proud to have his laboratory built upon.

“The Great Escape of 77”, according to the Yordle Academy of Science and Progress, marks a list of the enemies of the “City of Progress”: including the infamous three: Jinx, Tobias Foxtrot (Twisted Fate) and Malcolm Graves (Graves). While they were well-known for a host of unsavoury reasons such as monetary theft or vandalism, their actions are ambiguously justified. The “demons” of Zaun, as the Piltover community rates are a law unto themselves. Now this is largely true. It is also true that the critics of Zaun pointed out the deterioration of creativity in Piltover was due to their lack of ingenuity, and that the “City of Progress” does not practice science and progress since it discourages conflicting ideas that do not adhere to the agency of their Masters.

For more studies on Runeterra and its factions, this is Isaac Low reporting.

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