A study of LOLRaps – Instalok, BossPanda, videogamedunkey. How do they produce kick ass clips.

If you actually look at the content that these three channel users have chunked out, it clearly demonstrates the factors concerning what makes a good LOLRap, that is, what generates views by the millions. Now just to let ya’ll know what this is. LOL is League of Legends. Rap is rap. Now, videogamedunkey, Instalok and BossPanda have been producing for the niche market for right around the October 2013 mark. Holy Graves, that’s like fuckin’ 4 YEARS ago!!

But the dichotomy that you can break down the observations of these approaches is the boring videos, versus the entertaining ones. So let me illustrate. The boring shit that Mrs Rowling chunks out right after the last year of box office sales just to make it another round of Harry Potter for Christmas? Yeah those clips got its views shot down significantly. See what makes for production value in these videos if all ya’lls rap memes gonna not employ ERBOH’s hitting hard logic and just church out a couple of dumb lines? That’s right. It isn’t going to hit home. And that’s the thing that creators need to get, the LOLRap HAS to be entertaining. It has to jolt me as a user and say, geez, these person’s personality is fuckin insane. He is a cool kid! I like this guy!

And the logistics for the kind of expertise that even Riot Games gets to collab in its community isn’t the first thing that community employers are looking for in a professional gamer. They are looking for personality.

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