What makes Blitzcrank so great?

Blitzcrank is arguably the most admired product of Zaun in the Valoran. Although some of the elites in Piltover may look with mild disgust, it is quite debatable whether Zaun’s streets would be cleaner, less intoxicated, if it hadn’t been for Viktor’s creation.

While many of Blitzcrank’s loyal worshipers deem him to be a god, for most summoners, Blitcrank is just another robot. Blitzcrank was born in the laboratories of Viktor with only one purpose, to clean the streets of Zaun and make the city great again.

Blitzcrank’s portrayal as an altruistic robot is quite mistaken. In fact, Viktor only created Blitzcrank for his glory as a scientist and inventor who left Piltover. Many who do not revere Blitzcrank ¬†believe that the science of Zaun can support military conquest and maintain a sustainable city at the same time. This doesn’t just mean that their streets would be clean, but that their city would be peaceful.

The question of whether Blitzcrank has a soul is fairly unsettled even among summoners. While people know that Blitzcrank is definitely not a gifted spell caster, his propensity for helping others has never discriminated against factions. This creates the illusion for altruistic tendencies when in fact it is the highly developed behaviours of a robot with a love for picking up trash. But as I said, in the church of Blitzcrank, statements like these do not let out a lose fly from the jar. Just saying.

Reporting on the champions and factions of Runeterra, enlightening the world through the recesses of undiscovered terrain, Isaac Low reporting.

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