Alright, personally I’m not going to spend so much time on Shen. That’s because I’m possibly never going to use him ever. The only thing you probably need to know about Shen is well, everything since we are doing LOLRaps. But whatevs, the things I do.

Shen is in my opinion not that easy to play. If his sword hits with his Q for long range it doesn’t really matter unless he starts attacking you like straight up afterwards. His W is pretty much useless to you as a player. Honestly he wouldn’t work so well unless there are many tanky initiators/ and fighters in said team. I mean Shen can’t really 1v1 he’s really only good in teamfights. I can’t imagine doing him in norms I hate ranked but whatevs.

Everyone is gonna watch for his R but not really I mean to me its pretty much redundant since he can’t really disengage other than his E. Its true he can be a tanky initiator later on through the game but I just don’t think he is a good pick without more or less a balanced team comp – which is to say you don’t pick ranged/ assassin champs. Cause the one guy he is gonna protect with his R is obviously the ranged/ assassin their just gonna die quickly and then he goes protect the other teammates. It’s a bit predictable in pick ban.



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