Sona is a big lane bully


I am always intrigued by Sona. I have not played Sona. Have not the slightest interest in playing with Sona. She is very ghostly in my humble opinion. Ghastly is the other word. Though maybe upon close scrutiny, her amiable appearance might fade into a rather chaste knowing, of the kind even the hardest hearts would melt under her brilliant tonality and light.

So enough with the bullshit. As I can see from Sona’s kit, she is a very strong lane bully when with somebody else. Many people would maybe want to take out the adc first but fuck it. Her Crescendo is hard to bate if you have no QSS or Cleanse. But also her Power Chord has an ad and slow increase based on her auras. Plus her Crescendo actually reduces her base cooldown.

No wonder she never takes cooldown runes, she doesn’t need them! Don’t be fooled, she is a damn high AP champ. Shes a big lane bully. Please don’t underestimate just how much of a bitch Sona can be.

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