My really really quick guide for all LoL Champs in the round


As everyone knows, Ahri is a damn challenging AP midlaner. Her charm is lengthy, she deals true damange with her orb of deception. That’s right, just cause you are a tank Ahri can freaking one shot you. To counter Ahri make sure you know that all her passive has a spell vamp and that all four skillshots in her kit are ranged. Her E has three fox-fires, is ranged. Her R is three casts and makes her very mobile.


Basically when she is in her llittle zoney thingy. Yea just use random abilities to reveal her or use steath ward hint:

Sweeper makes her visible as a red shadow, but not attackable. Most tether abilities can attack her while she is invisible. Also QSS is a good item for the matchup. Morgana R, Karma W, Lee Q , Tf R, Kled Pull (Q?) Lulu E


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