Addressing the questions

So I got this questionnaire from the job fair.

What sort of work do you like doing?

I don’t know gardening? I still harbour a rather inconvenient and pent up notion that I really supposed to have done fucking carpentry and architecture. And fuckin A I can do that at this moment in this priviledged country cause what do you know this aint a feudal communist country.

But the thing is I can’t live in the past. I can’t fucking go back to where I came from this is fucking Sparta. This is Sparta. I KNOW for a fact that carpentry and architecture would be good means of using a craftsmen’s skill, one which I yearn to utilize. But, honey beans it doesn’t mean people only do one thing. Furthermore think of all the cons, that people in jobs NOWADAYS don’t give a shit about carpenters. The REAL mutherfuckers are God Xerxes and his fucking army.

The rulers of the capitalists want to run this motherfucker to the ground. The only truth you should get told but you learnt to late. That EVERY sales fuck wants to rape you up in the China hole just to fuck with you and get all your money.

Architecture / carpentry is just another fucking business. Unless you are one of the lucky ones to own your own goddamn business.

Since I have so many interests, lets walk through the job outlook quiz one more time.


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