The great tragedy of the heavens

The great tragedy of modern religion is the formation of an ideology that lampoons the human spirit. So that it’s wellspring of immutable principle is ashamed and victimized, where love and honesty are vacuous mysteries battling a looming devil, so that minds are forever castrated into a tethered torment.  If they had not turned a revelation into a tyrannical ideology I would have no qualms.  But the world and its thorns prick against my soul to the brink of offence.  Because there are men who hide under the guise of a divine mandate to be serfs under a superpower, they and their authorities have effectively rendered our invisible selves godless,  for we who have known the writs of men have refused to bow the head as an ideological slave,  but erect ourselves as the principle of morality.  Wherefore have we the humanists wrought our humanity?  When we rebel against their man made God?  They scratch their heads but they remain confounded.  For if the heavens are lampooned,  I would bet that the people,  having been born of heaven, a heaven written in their hearts than in their minds,  would rewrite the heavens with their love and steal hellfire with their compassion. But what stands in the way are the gatekeepers themselves. They have made the heavens a comedy. They claim we are all far from God while they pray mightily under his messengers.  But a man who speaks and does not know often claims more of what he knows, because he does not reign in his own immortal life as a spirit. He is still carnal,  and they remain carnal because their conscience has been made of their own lies. 

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