He who seeks will find the truth,

The truth is like medicine for a wound.

The patient is patient with the pain of medication,

he yields his understanding,

he suffers the ailment with joy,

because he is not shrouded by ignorance.

The doctor does not lie to him about the pain,

So he suffers the pain with a passion of a faithful vision,

That he will be better after the treatment is over.

Truth is the harbinger of evil,

It does not silence demons, it releases them.

A detective finds that the person was not the real father,

the knife contained the fingerprints of the husband.

When the truth is heard,

the screeches of victims outdo those who shout for joy.

Joy can be the result of ignorance.

Ignorance is the simple solution for joy.

It brings happiness, but not wisdom.

It brings a serene existence, but not wonder.

It yields a law abiding citizen, not a gladiator.

It yields lemmings, not humans

It yields calm oceans, not majestic tidal waves.

The solution for evil is not to ignore its sufferings,

but to overcome it.

That the sticks and stones of chaos are the

molds of the shapes of our body and our spirit.

He who is beautiful and wise is like the evolution of a peacock.

The birds of a flock are crushed by time and death,

Some have found their way by showing their beautiful feathers

as an invitation or a deterrent,

Some have found a way to reach through deep holes

to survive.

And some have survived by flying in herds.

The birds are shaped by the chaos and capriciousness of the waters.

They yield not to the laws and tides of the working class.

For they are a wild flock.

The wild winds yield wonder, lust, and all that is mysterious and exciting

They are the ecstasy of our species,

The wild winds yield tornadoes, hurricanes and giant tsunamis.

They are laughed off by the evil throng of men,

Yet they remain also a vexation for our species.

Come with me.

I will show you knowledge.

I will show you joy.

I will show you pain.

I will show you hunger.

And speak to me of your longings.

Do you long for the world to be all summer, bells and roses?

Or does your heart hearken to a glorious thought?

Of horrors, entertainments, love, lust and all that accompanies the

wildness of the wind?

Then let them know that the world fears you.

For you are wild!

What king and government trusts in the winds and tides of time?

They come and go and they cause both pain and joy.

They cannot let their people go freely.

They chain rice stashes onto the herds as they travel safely home.

They parent it over the nations for fear of losing even one of their men.

They believe they do good by lording it over you.

Because one sheep lost in the pen is a devastation to all the witnesses

Death is a sting.

But it isn’t grave.

The body decays with its beauty.

But your values decay not.

Your character decays not.


Better a dead wise man than

a frivolous man who is living.

A dying man moans his riches and blessings

and another looks at his character,

whether he is worth it in his makers eyes.

A man who keeps his character and chases correction

is a man who finds free food and hoards it for himself.

He is literate as towards the spiritual things.

And men do not comprehend his ways.

They say to him,

Why don’t you just enjoy yourself?

Why don’t you just go towards the drunken and wayward wanderer?

Why carry yourself with such respect, if your life is just formation out of chaos?

The drunken and wayward person is illiterate towards truth.

He doesn’t take joy in it.

But the person being offered wine, instead of contemplation

mistakes joy for a deception.

He is then spiritually corrupt.

And happiness turns into an endless longing,

a well that can never be full.

Seek truth with all your heart.

Make correction and rebuke the chains on your soul.

And God will reward you in heaven.








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