About me


My name is Isaac K Low. I was born in Subang Jaya Medical Centre, at 14:40. Having been born into an English speaking family in Malaysia, it is no wonder I possessed a knack for the English language. I went to a Chinese- instructed primary school, but still retained my mother tongue.

During 2006, being the young person I was, I made the choice, or rather stumbled upon an opportunity, of moving to Melbourne to study. This rationale was aided by my supportive parents. After graduating from high school in 2008, I didn’t go the path that most international students took. That is, I did a studied a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English and Music. I wanted to be a journalist but my fate pushed me in other directions. Now, I only translate poetry in my free time.

During mid-2015, I took stumbled upon another decision in my life. I did a Graduate Certificate in Information System (Mobile and Cloud Computing). And today, I am working on an internship that would hopefully make me a better web content manager.

As of these days, I am also picking up on my poetry and performing Daniel Kahans pieces- to myself that is! Hopefully, I can start my own compositions in the future. Thanks!