About me

My name is Isaac K Low and I was born a Malaysian in 1990. During the spring of 2006, I arrived in Melbourne Australia to take on further education. High school was a breeze and eventually in 2008, I graduated with a commendation for my outstanding prowess in writing English prose narrative, earning an ATAR score of 42 in EAL and an aggregate of 83.3. I also ended my secondary education with a pass in Grade 5 AMEB examinations.

Proud and happy of that commendation, I would go on to do a Bachelor of Arts (English, Music) from 2009-2012. I learnt multiple techniques to write narrative and my learning experience of the written medium soared through the roof. In 2012, I also managed to travel overseas to Europe for a different cultural experience. The places I visited included London, Paris, Milan and Venice. During the same year, I also managed to teach PK-12 children keyboard and guitar lessons as a subcontractor for the private company Creative Music for Schools, I volunteered to write newsletters for a Christian club on the Monash campus, and I worked part time as a kitchen hand in the Taco Bell Restaurant in Croydon.

I then returned to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2013 to get an exposure to the financial industry for a year in Perkasa Normandy Advisory Services, during which I did basic data entry and upgraded my knowledge in advanced accounting, passing the Securities Industry Development Corporation Test for Financial Statement Analysis and Asset Valuation  with a satisfactory S.

In 2014, I went on to study a Graduate Certificate in Information Technology (Business Information Systems). It was during this time, that I rekindled my connection with the artist and performer Dr. Daniel Kahans to help translate his poetry into Chinese and Malay languages. It wasn’t until late September 2017, however, that I started performing my own poetry for broadcast purposes.

During March 2017, I worked for a women’s charity JERA International. It was there that I used all the knowledge I had learnt in school. I proposed website redesign wire frames, wrote reports for new business technology, wrote for their social media content posts and gauged the engagement levels of audiences through Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

As of now, I look forward to expanding my skill sets in the media and communication profession in the future.