Why didn’t She stop Him?

Why didn’t Grace stop the devil from tormenting me?

What’s your scheme, oh Kindness?

Who made it false to believe in things written by the rule of men?

What simpletons are these people?

Who worship an image of a Person who claims an Authority above Himself?

This is insanity.

I worship the Queen of my youth.

She showers me with the most tenderness,

She makes me forget the troubles of my youth,

Why then do men lie?

Why then do they heap burning coals on my soul?

Why then do they slander?

Why then do they claim corruption on me?

Deem me a sinner like these fowl beasts?

I am not one of them!

I was not born under sackcloth and ashes

I am a king!

I am a everlasting legend!


I am weighted by my sorrows,

they hunt me like the dark of night,

Time flies by like a beating heart ache.

I hark back to a time where I made a wrenching mistake.

All the days that followed me,

are blinking lights in a celestial dark.

How free life could be in the spacious beating of the universe,

The blessings that You bestowed me.

I want the beauty of appreciation to now consume me,

I am a king in the universe,

I have everything even before the world begun.

You knew my soul and protected me from Invaders,

My purpose and Voice was ingrained like a clutch in the cockpit.

I knew You before the world begun.

The universe and I,

When I was born,

I knew how Grace would be from the start,

That the Sweet Child was a part of my soul,

never taken, never shaken,

Forever abiding, ever knowing, all-protecting, joyous, buoyant, everlasting

all-consuming, all-pervading, never ceasing, always striving,

ever-strong, ever-handsome, always righteous, always favoured.

How sad the day when men taught me the rules of Your statutes,

and turned Truth to darkness in the turn of night,

They brought you into the galaxy and beyond,

far from the world’s Genesis,

they attributed devilish traits to your scheme,

and harpooned your image.

They turned Us into a Seperation.

Then established liturgies,

They externalized the beauty of the soul,

They tried explaining it in plain words,

making words into horrible commands,

making commands out from kings and ministers,

making brutes out from gods,

making God out of devils.

making fools of cognizant simpletons,

In this grand distortion that has destroyed me,

plundered me, grazed me with scars,

I have not bowed, I have not surrendered.

They will not take away what the world means most to me,

The eternal knowledge of the Universe and I,

will never be phased into a state of sinister affairs,

where sinners flail their arms in the air in lurid manners.

I am not one to speak of the horrors of Your people.

I am a simple man,

I believe who I am, because I am a wonder of the universe.